Inflatable Boat
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Inflatable Boat

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Item: Boat

Type: Inflatable


  • HIGH QUALITY : Inflatable Boat which can effectively provide wear resistance, increase the pressure resistance, anti-collision and anti scratch ability of the hull, which is flexible and strong
  • QUICK INFLATION AND DEFLATION : Inflatable Boat Match safety gas valves to quickly charge and deflate to effectively increase the sealing performance of the ship, With two paddle mounts, can hold paddle for labor-saving paddling
  • INDEPENDENT AIR CHAMBER : Inflatable Boat The structure of independent air chambers is stable and safe. The design of outer inner bottom independent air chambers greatly enhances the ship safety factor Two inflatable kayak seats are easy to adjust and remove; provide a lot of comfort when paddling
  • WIDELY USED : Inflatable Boat sturdy two-person kayak is ideal for lakes, fishing and the coast. The wide shape has both stability and comfort when traveling on water